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Cloud Blocks

Name Recipe Details----------------------------------------------------------------------
Water Vapor Craft CloudVaporBlock [Various Light Clouds] or obtainable by an Atlantean gathering it. Special Action + Interact near still water.
Glow Vapor Craft GlowVapor 8x[Water Vapor] and 1x[Glowstone Dust]
Light Cloud Block Craft CloudLightBlock 4x[Water Vapor] or [Various Dense Clouds]
Light Cloud Slab Craft CloudLightSlab 2x[Water Vapor]
Light Cloud Step Craft CloudLightStep 3x[Water Vapor]
Dense Cloud Block Craft CloudDenseBlock 4x[Light Cloud Block] or [Various Storm Clouds]
Dense Cloud Slab Craft CloudDenseSlab 2x[Light Cloud Block]
Dense Cloud Step Craft CloudDenseStep 3x[Light Cloud Block]
Storm Cloud Block Craft CloudStormBlock 4x[Dense Cloud Block]
Storm Cloud Slab Craft CloudStormSlab 2x[Dense Cloud Block]
Storm Cloud Step Craft CloudStormStep 3x[Dense Cloud Block]
Cloud Column Craft FancyCloudColumn 3x[Light Cloud Block]
Cloud Edge Craft FancyCloudEdge 2x[Water Vapor] and 2x[Light Cloud Block]
Cloud Side Craft FancyCloudSide 6x[Light Cloud Block]
Cloud Topper Craft FancyCloudTopper 4x[Light Cloud Block]
Cloud Fence Craft CloudFence 6x[Water Vapor] or 6x[Light Cloud Block] or 6x[Dense Cloud Block]


Name Recipe Details----------------------------------------------------------------------
Dyes Craft Dye Various Pixel Power's Flowers
More Dyes Craft Dye2 Various Pixel Power's Flowers
Charcoal Craft Charcoal 1x[Apple Log] or 1x[Cherry Log]
Apple Planks Craft PlanksApple 1x[Apple Log]
Cherry Planks Craft PlanksCherry 1x[Cherry Log]
Leather Scraps Craft LeatherScraps 1x[Rotten Belt] or 1x[Rotten Left Boot] or 1x[Rotten Right Boot]
Leather Craft Leather 2x[Leather Scraps]
Ender Book Craft EnderBook 1x[Book] and 1x[Ender Eye]


Name Recipe Details----------------------------------------------------------------------
Unbaked Feather Talisman Craft TalismanFeatherUnbaked 1x[Clay] and 4x[Feather]
Baked Feather Talisman Craft TalismanFeatherBaked 1x[Unbaked Feather Talisman]
Enchanted Feather Talisman Craft TalismanFeatherEnchanted 1x[Baked Feather Talisman] enchanted at an enchanting table.
Feather Talisman Craft TalismanFeatherWearable 1x[Enchanted Feather Talisman] and 5x[String]


Name Recipe Details----------------------------------------------------------------------
Paint Brush Craft PaintBrush 2x[Stick] and 1x[String] and 6x[Dye]of any color
Earth Painting Craft EarthPainting 8x[Stick] and 1x[paper]
Cloud Painting Craft CloudPainting 8x[Dense Cloud Block] and 1x[Light Cloud Block]
Earth Storage Craft StorageEarth 8x[Stone]
Cloud Storage Craft StorageCloud 8x[Storm Cloud Block]
Flower Pot Craft FlowerPot 3x[Brick] and 1x[Dirt]
Enchanting Table Craft EnchantTable 2x[Diamond] and 4x[Obsidian] and 1x[Ender Book]
Study Table Craft StudyTable 1x[Book] and 3x[Planks] and 2x[Stick]
Cloud Workbench Craft CloudBench 4x[Storm Cloud Block]
Loose Hay Craft LooseHay 1x[Hay Block] or grass dried in the desert or on top of stone over lava.
Hay Block Craft HayBlock 4x[Loose Hay] or 1x[Hay Bail]
Hay Bail Craft HayBail 4x[Hay Block]
Earth Bed Craft BedEarth 3x[Hay Block] and 3x[Planks]
Cloud Bed Craft BedCloud 3x[Light Cloud Block] and 3x[Dense Cloud Block]

Bed Spreads

Craft SpreadsGuide

  • Match numbers to craft a specific design.
Name Recipe Details----------------------------------------------------------------------
Plain Sheets Craft Spreads 3x[wool] (No Black)

Craft Spreads2 Craft Spreads3

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